It’s Crunch Time!!

There are only two weeks left until Election Day!! So now is the time for us to kick it into high gear, get out there and do our part to help re-elect our Republican team in Bucks County!! Whether you can spare an entire afternoon, or just a couple of hours in the evening- every little bit helps! Because we’ve got so much happening over these next two weeks, we’ve created a detailed map with all the information you need to know. It contains specific information about campaign related activities that are happening throughout the county. So if you see a blue dot close to where you live or work, click on it and it will bring up a detailed list of what’s happening when at that location on any given day. It’ll also provide you with the appropriate contact information for each activity, should you have any questions. So let’s get out there these next two weeks and do our best to get our Bucks County Republican team re-elected!


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